Paleocene #3
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Age Recommendation: Nine and Up.AGE ReCOMmENDaTion: Nine ANd UP.
We all recall the World-End...WE ALl ReCaLl THE wOrLD-eNd...
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...the Fire-Quake, the Rising Sea, the Storm of Stones....THE FiRe-QUAKE, the riSiNG sEa, THe StORM of sTOnES.
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it left a Shroud above our Heads that slew the Sun, and lay my northern Province bare.iT LEFt A SHROUD aBoVe Our hEAds THat SleW ThE sUN, AnD LaY My NoRtHern PROviNCE bAre.
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in lonely Stillness, Signs of Life cannot be found, save where, in Silt turned hard as Stone...iN LOnElY STiLlNesS, siGnS oF LifE CANnOt Be FoUND, saVE WHeRE, in SilT turNed hARD as STOnE...
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...the Great Ones strode....THE GReAt ONES sTroDe.

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